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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a shift in the way which construction projects are co-ordinated and construction information is produced. Working within a BIM environment allows full co-ordination and clash detection of building designs from an early stage. This brings numerous benefits not least of which come to the end user through improved asset data and facilities management.

Isherwood McCann's staff are all fully trained in Autodesk REVIT and are all fully conversant in the BIM environment, ensuring the company have full BIM capability which is backed up by well developed standards and procedures, based on the AEC (UK) BIM Standards and Protocols for REVIT and BIM. Isherwood McCann are fully conversant with PAS1192, which forms the basis of how BIM operates within the UK construction industry.

Isherwood McCann completed the companies first BIM project in March 2014 which was to deliver a 200,000 sqft indsutrial unit for UDG on Castlewood Grange Business Park. Isherwood McCann worked in conjunction with Winvic Construction on behalf of Clowes Developments (UK) Ltd to deliver the building. The project was completed within a BIM environment and enabled all involved to reliase the benefits of this process throughout the construction phase.

Since this project Isherwood McCann are using BIM techniques for the majority of their larger projects as the benefits seen from an architectural point of view to deliver the end product are vast, not only during the construction phase but as early as conceptual sketch stage working through the planning stage.

This process also enables Isherwood McCann to offer clients the ability to view their proposed buildings as 'computer generated images' and obtain a realistic view of how the building will look from an early stage. This process strongly assists in helping clients and end users to visualise the architectural design in a more realistic form.

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